About us

Welcome to Casa Luna Boutique!

At Casa Luna, our mission is to share the captivating stories and incredible craftsmanship of artisans from southern Mexico who have become an integral part of our lives. Through close relationships built on admiration and respect, we bring you a thoughtfully curated selection of handcrafted decorative objects.

Our focus lies in showcasing items that are meticulously crafted using ancient techniques and natural materials. It is no coincidence that many of these crafts are created by talented women artisans, who have not only inspired us but have also imparted the invaluable wisdom of manual labor, creativity, dedication, and vision.

The sheer beauty of Mexican artisanal work has always left us in awe. Each piece reflects the traditions and ancestral heritage of our forebears. From the intricate artistry of the backstrap loom to the use of natural dyes, and from the transformation of clay through time-honored techniques to designs inspired by the natural world, every aspect of our handcrafted items is a tribute to the elements and seasonal rhythms that shape our environment.


Hand crafted home decoration & accessories from Mexico